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The public's perception of the business determines the sucess of any business , We understands this, we specialise in both radio, Tv and print media monitoring, over the years we have invested in ensuring that clients can manage the public views and perceptions about the brand, products and services . Our services in media monitoring include:

1. Newstrak/media monitoring

with our latest technology, macmedia Africa networks is able to track real tiume news in either print or electronic media, we have also invested in social media monitoring system. clients are able to download the monitoring contnt and generate reports from our systems direct.

Newstrak/media monitoring is a Public Relations service that ensures clients get tabs of what is being said about them, their stakeholders and strategic partners on mainstream media.
“The competition in the market is so tough and this require an efficient, reliable, cost
    • effective & professional monitoring service to track what is being said about your institution” Through this service MMA keeps tabs of what has been reported on electronic, social media & print media about the customer and submit the evidence on DVD format.

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