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Media Relation and Support


Media Support & Media consultancy Solutions services Macmedia Africa is in rapport with various media houses in ensuring customer satisfaction of their all media requirements. That include.
  • Media Surveys -Media interview management
  • Media buying and placements -Press release
  • Indoor advertisement. -Caption presentations
  • Outdoor advertisement. -Media Coverage
  • Advert concept creation. -Media Monitoring
  • Advertising awareness/ Recall/ Impact -Media Research
  • Advertising concept testing & screening
Macmedia Africa has a state of the earth media production studios that tackles production. this particular activity is important for social organization since it's only through profiling success of projects and airing them then the potential sponsors will know of your workings and how accountable your organization is. MMA also goes a mile ahead to book media airtime to air the documentaries so created to sensitize the public on the community working of your organization this is done through:
  • Documentary production (shooting).
  • Corporate still photo and video profiling Concept creation, testing & production.
  • Video Editing
  • Script writing
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Events Video coverage.
  • Radio and TV feature production.
  • Reportouring

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